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Labcare Scientific China Limited Awarded “Practice Base for International Students”

Abstract: On the afternoon of November 14th, 2016, Labcare Scientific China Limited, an outstanding alumni enterprise of Shanghai University, was recommended by SHU to the Initiative on the Construction of Shanghai International Students Practice Base, and awarded “the Shanghai Practice Base for International Students” by Yang Weiren, a leader from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

At the same time, the Initiative on the Construction of the Shanghai International Students Practice Base was unveiled by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in Donghua University.

An international students sharing her internship experience

The activity, aimed to promote the construction of Shanghai Practice Base for International Students, was attended by Ding Xiaodong, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shen Qiang, director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Municipality, Zheng Yu, deputy director of Wenbao Branch, the Bureau of Public Security of Shanghai Municipality, Yang Weiren, director of the International Exchange Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Jin Weiguo, chairman of the Shanghai Foreign Students Education Research Committee as well as representatives from the department of foreign students of over 20 universities and more than 10 media including CCTV, Shanghai TV, China Daily.

In the awarding ceremony, the list of practice bases for international students in 2016 was published. Labcare is a vibrant and pioneering alumni enterprise as well as the only one recommended by SHU. As a representative of the 26 participating enterprises, Jane McClements, Business Director of the International Business Division, accepted the awarding by Yang Weiren, a leader from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, indicating Labcare was officially entitled “the Shanghai International Students Practice Base”. The meeting confirmed that the awarded enterprises may set up internship positions regularly and recruit interns from all colleges and universities in Shanghai.

Jane McClements (front row, 4th from right) accepted the awarding by Yang Weiren

As an international enterprise, Labcare is inclusive of different cultures by having international teams. As an alumni enterprise of SHU, Labcare is committed to providing internship opportunities for students from the universities in Shanghai. Labcare was awarded “the Shanghai International Students Practice Base”, which will enable it to make greater contributions.

Wang Lina, a party leader from the College of Intercultural Communications, Shanghai University, Jane McClements, business director of Labcare’s International Business Division, and Cheng Xin, Labcare’s HR Manager

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