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Labcare at 2017 BCEIA
In October 10th 2017,The 17th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2017) was held at Beijing National Convention Center. Labcare Scientific International attended this distinguished gathering with British PerMuta Gas Generator、US FMS TotalPrep、British Cleaver Runview.

It is hard for a company to maintain its initial heart under the current competition pressure in such a high-end analytical instrument market. But Labcare Scientific International always insists on the service conceptsof intelligence and safety.

Labcare Scientific International has achieved remarkable business growth in the past ten years, which largely relies on the recognition and trust of our clients. We have provided a great deal of excellent laboratory application solutions to clients in fields like chemical analysis, life sciences and laboratory safety applications. Through this exhibition, we hope to deliver our service concepts to the majority of participants.

Based on the application demands of Chinese laboratory users and thoughts on future lab development trends, Labcare Scientific International and its partners have improved and optimized the products according to users’ actual needs and desires.We’ve increased the level of safety protection and helped the users to maximize service efficiency of products by ensuring the maximum benefit of laboratories with intelligent man-machine interface. Taking PerMuta Multigas as an example, the product includes real-time online display of gas preparation process and adds intelligent early warnings, error alarms and feedback functions into system at the same time.These help users to accurately judge the state and potential problems of the equipment.

(About Multigas)

Labcare Scientific International believes that a good product or a good set of solution should take the following two points into account. First of all, considering “intelligence” policy, our products must ensure the ease of use for laboratory personnel. Meanwhile, persisting in 'safety' policy that can effectively avoid the risk of direct exposure to corrosive chemicals.

With highly improvements of laboratory safety and green technology, high-efficientand multi-dimensional safety protection has become the top priority of experimental markets. We should pay more attention on it and formulate product solutions and strategies according to this basic regulation. As the first pioneer of safety application market analysis, Labcare Scientific International will keep its initial heart to provide a superior, green and safe solution for your labs.

(About Runview)

Another highlight of Labcare Scientific International in this BCEIA exhibition is British Cleaver’s integrated electrotechnic system: Runview.

The advantage of this product is that it can optimize and shorten the process of nucleic acid separation and detection to a large extent, which significantly reduces operators’ exposure to carcinogenic dyes and harmful UV rays. It is Cleaver Runview’s 'safety' and 'intelligence' that make it be widely praised by universities and scientific research institutes the moment being introduced into the market. As an innovative product, Cleaver Runview is also widely imitated and copied by its competitors, but its core advantage can never be surpassed.

In the future, Labcare Scientific International will continue to focus on laboratory intelligence and safety applications. We will increase investment to make Labcare Scientific International the most comprehensive, and thoughtful laboratory application service provider.

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