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  Many opportunities for segmentation and diversification in the emerging Chinese market Customer-based B2B model; High barriers and complicated technology to entry

  Market: Potentially vast, and within the segmentation
  Business Volume:

    China: ~400M USD, 0.01% of China’s GDP (4 Trillion USD in 2008)
    Worldwide: ~21B USD, 0.07 % of Worldwide GDP (~ 30 Trillion USD)

                     ~10% 2,000M exported to China.
  Total Addressed China Market (~ 2,400M)
  Low Product Manufacturing Cost 15-20%; High Product Sales Channel Cost 30-40%
  Over 80% of products are imported ~20 % Locally manufactured
  30%-35% Sustainable growth (Imported Scientific Instruments) in 1998-2012
  Forecasted sustainable growth of 15~20% in the next 5 years
  More and more new products and technologies come into China market, especially for specialized auxiliary equipment and sample prepare instruments.
  More and more investors and enterprises enter the field of scientific laboratory equipment, and participate in manufacturing and market development
  Trade compete from between enterprise to the whole industry chain in manufacturing and global channel

  An understanding of the market and profitable business opportunities is a crucial asset for any company.

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