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Field Sales Dept.

     Labcare Scientific boasts an excellent Sales Team with professional sales develop and management.  The team works collaboratively and adheres to the principle of “working efficiently and serving the customer”.

Solution Marketing Dept.

    Our Solution Marketing Department is splitted into three teams: Business Development, Field Support, and Market Communication. The department utilizes market research and various marketing & sales tools to maximize product value, actively research selling points for new and existing products, and strengthen competitive advantage. Aim to further break down lab market to explore untapped customers segments, so that the company can provide complete lab solutions, pre-sales technological support, and product value creation for target seg-markets and customers.

Operating Administration Dept.

  Operating Administration Dept.’s Responsibilities :

Field Service Dept.

   After Sales Customer Service and Support is essential to customer satisfaction and business sustainable growing, Labcare do build up a professional service system cross our organization to real this key function.

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